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Question: what makes this site different from Google Local? Or is this supposed to be a mashup not a huge startup type deal?

Ask Bjørn Hansen

Hi omouse,

That's a good question!  In some ways our site is more like Google Local than some of the other comparisons (yelp, insiderpages, ...).

Right now the biggest feature differences is that we let you add tags, photos and reviews directly (where Google Local only scrapes those things from other sites).   

Also - our local search results are better!   Or if it not, let me know what you searched for and we'll get it fixed.  ;-)

The only "mashup" quality of our site is that we do crawl other sites for information and use a bunch of APIs for some of the plumbing of the site (Amazon S3, Google Maps, etc etc).

 - ask


Thanks for the explanation. It looks like a solid site.

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